Breast Cancer: Screening, Prevention & The Importance of Breast Density


Breast Cancer Screening, Prevention & The Importance of Breast Density

Original Broadcast:
Thursday, October 16th 2018

7:00pm – 8:00pm ET

Dr. Gordon discusses how to decrease the risk of getting breast cancer, factors that influence risk and methods to find it as early as possible. This webinar was co-hosted by our partners at Dense Breasts Canada, and there is a particular focus on the importance of knowing your breast density.

About our presenter:
Dr. Paula Gordon is Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia, and works full-time as breast radiologist, reading screening and diagnostic mammograms and performing image-guided breast biopsies. She is passionate about finding breast cancer early to decrease deaths from breast cancer and allow less aggressive treatment.

The webinar was followed by an interactive question & answer session.