CanVECTOR – Thrombosis Canada Annual Conference

A joint virtual/in-person hybrid conference presented by Thrombosis Canada & CanVECTOR for Canadian Healthcare Professionals, Research Professionals, Trainees, Research Coordinators, and Patient Partners

Friday November 5th, 2021 – CanVECTOR Program (Virtual Only)

Create, Connect, Collaborate: Promoting Excellence in Knowledge & Practice to Prevent VTE
Presented by the conference co-chairs, Dr. Maha Othman & Dr. Cynthia Wu
CanVECTOR will also be hosting invite-only meetings on Thursday November 4th for Network working groups. Stay tuned for communication about these meetings.

Saturday November 6th, 2021 – Thrombosis Canada Program (Hybrid: Virtual or In-Person)
Advances in Thrombosis Management: Translating Knowledge to Practice
Program co-chairs: Dr Lana Castellucci and Dr Eric Tseng

After completing this program, participants will be equipped to:

–  Apply current evidence in the management of patients with thrombotic disease;
–  Manage thrombosis challenges in face-to-face and virtual clinical practice effectively;
–  Describe thrombosis prophylaxis and treatment in patients affected by COVID-19;
–  Implement thrombosis treatment options in a variety of patient populations.