Cancer Update 2017

The Champlain Regional Cancer Program’s Cancer Update 2017 is a one day event that invites family physicians and other primary care providers to meet with regional experts and learn more about a wide range of cancer care topics, such as lymphoma and childhood cancers, cancer screening programs and more. The event takes place at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa on December 27 and tickets range from $125 to $175.

This year’s event includes plenary sessions on:

Lymphoma, Childhood and Adolescent Cancers, Health Equity and Cultural Awareness in Primary Care, Esophageal and Oral Cancers, Prostate/Bladder Cancer, Ovarian Cancer

Update on Regional Cancer Screening Programs: Breast, Cervical, Colorectal and Lung Cancer Screening

Afternoon Concurrent Workshops:

Best Practices in Colorectal Screening, Recognizing the Many Faces of Skin Cancer, Motivational Interviewing, Hepatitis C: It’s in Your Practice and It’s Curable, OMD: Data Analytics, Managing Palliative Care Emergencies in the Home

We hope you’ll join us at the Brookstreet Hotel for this information filled day.