Bench to Bedside for Biotherapeutics

The Clinical Translation Education Group (CTEG) is organizing a one-day workshop with the aim of providing an overview of the entire clinical translation pathway. Modules will introduce concepts related to the sequential stages characterizing the development of a cell therapy or other biotherapy to treat diseases. The participants will learn about the critical steps to consider at each stage of the process through lectures by experts in the field, sharing their experience, and a discussion session.

Topics that will be addressed

  • How do you predict if your discovery is translatable?
  • Bench to bedside: Designing pre-clinical studies to support in-human trials
  • Making the goods: Cleanliness, orderliness, scaling & other considerations
  • What’s the process of designing and applying for a clinical trial?
  • How do I take my research and develop it in a marketable product?
  • Understanding clinical adoption: How is a therapy reimbursed?