2023 Fall Spotlight on Stomach Cancer Symposium

This event is put on by No Stomach for Cancer.

“Are you or someone you know newly diagnosed? Do you have any questions about a Stomach Cancer diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, hereditary risks, and surgical options for you or a loved one? Our Spotlight on Stomach Cancer is one of our most essential programs for educating patients, caregivers, and the medical community about stomach cancer. Do not miss this opportunity to attend and learn from experts at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.

Program topics include but are not limited to:

Early Detection and Recognition of Risk Factors & Symptoms. What is h pylori? How do you test for it and treat it?
Treatment Options
Innovations in Research
Genetic Considerations (Focus on CTNNA1 and HDGC with discussion and presentations from Dr. Jeremy Davis (NIH) and Dr. Bryson Katona (UPenn)
Clinical Trial Updates
Nutritional Support
Survivorship Care – Bridging Care to PCP
Patient Stories
“How to prepare for college without a stomach.” presented by Kaleigh Liebler, Brandeis University Master’s Program in Genetic Counseling
Biomarker Testing for Stomach Cancer: Presented by Jeff Netzer, President of Stupid Strong Charitable Foundation

The event is free for all attendees and includes lunch and refreshments.

After the symposium, we will also host a reception for patients and their families to share stories and create lasting friendships. We will also be providing tickets to attend a live concert performance at 3rd and Lindsley in Downtown Nashville. You can meet members of our organization and others who have gone through similar experiences.”