2017 CADTH Symposium

Measuring Value in Theory and the Real World
As health care spending continues to grow year after year, the need to derive maximum value from every health care dollar becomes increasingly essential. Some aspects of the value equation are widely accepted, such as the need to stop paying for high-cost technologies that have no evidence of benefit. Overall, however, there is little consensus on value in health care because the meaning of value is different for different stakeholders, and there is a lack of clarity about goals. Depending on one’s perspective, the definition of value might include improved outcomes, access to services, cost, safety, patient preferences, ethics, convenience, or a range of other considerations.
At the 2017 CADTH Symposium, Canadian and international experts will take a hard look at the issue of value in health care: How to define it, how to measure it, and how to incorporate it into effective health technology management, as well as what is being done globally to advance the science and make it easier to incorporate real-world data into health technology assessments that support real-world decisions.
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