Team Shan

Team Shan is named after Shanna Larsen. Shan was only 24 when she lost her life to breast cancer. Shan’s symptoms were misdiagnosed by medical professionals. Shan was diagnosed late with metastatic breast cancer and passed away a few months later. Shan’s story is not unique. Young adults are frequently diagnosed late due to either patient or physician inaction.

In Shan’s memory, friends and family have maintained her spirit through annual fundraising events such as the Knock Cancer Out of the Park/Shanna Larsen Memorial ball tournament in Temiskaming Shores, ON and Fore for Shan golf tournament in Woodstock, ON.

Together with community partners and professionals, Team Shan aims to make a difference for young women who might develop breast cancer in the future.

Team Shan awareness and education activities include multi-faceted public awareness campaigns; development and dissemination of print materials; high school, post secondary school and community presentations and events; health care professional conference participation; publications and health promotion research support.

Early awareness project evaluations concluded that Team Shan effectively addressed the need for young women to be informed about their risk of breast cancer. Young women have responded positively to the information and have appreciated not being forgotten in breast cancer messaging. Shanna has put a face to the disease…the statistics.

Team Shan continues to use the social marketing model developed to reach young women with breast cancer information and improve outcomes for young women following in Shan’s footsteps.


To raise awareness that breast cancer is not just a disease of older women.


To educate young women, health care professionals and the public about early detection, risk reduction and prevention of breast cancer.


Increased early detection and improved outcomes for young women (15-39 years of age) diagnosed with breast cancer.


Team Shan is a member of the Canadian Psychosocial Oncology Partners (CPOP) and the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance (LYAA).

Thank You

Team Shan would like to thank community partners, professionals and the general public for their ongoing support and contributions to Team Shan.

Team Shan

497 Princess St.
Woodstock, ON
Phone: 519-421-3666