Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Maplesoft-Jones Centre

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is dedicated to increasing cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario. We unite those who want to be active in the fight for cancer survivorship, drawing on their expertise and resources to fund the gaps between what can be done what is being done to reduce suffering and death due to cancer in Eastern Ontario. We support cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose and cure cancer.

The Cancer Foundation in action:

  • Working in partnership with members of the community, the Cancer Foundation is achieving breakthroughs in cancer survivorship. This includes research, treatment and supportive care provided at the Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft-Jones Centre.
  • We take a regional approach to fundraising and the distribution of those funds. We are regional advocates with a community-based focus – money raised in Eastern Ontario remains in this region to enhance the quality of care, produce world-class research, and attract high-caliber physicians and researchers.
  • The Cancer Foundation is focused on the most important issues in the field of cancer. We direct the highest possible amount of money to where it will have the greatest impact for the people in our community.
  • There is an increasing incidence of both the disease and survivorship. We help patients and their families live and thrive with cancer by providing psychosocial care and support before, during and after the diagnosis of cancer and treatment.
  • We are the voice for cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario and are working to address the needs of cancer patients and their families.
  • We have recognized four strategic priorities to enhance the lives of cancer patients and their families: shorter wait times, access to care close to home, access to the latest new therapies and research, and over all improved quality of life.
  • The Cancer Foundation is the most significant contributor of funding and support for organizations across Eastern Ontario that works to cure, prevent and treat cancer.
  • We will work as a partner to improve the odds and experience of cancer survivorship, and will be the key contact for those in our community who want to help make a difference.

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

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