Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

The OICC is the first integrative cancer care and research centre of its kind in Eastern Canada. The Centre was established to provide the best in integrative cancer care, to improve the quality of life of those touched by this debilitating disease.

Employing an individualized whole-person care approach, we are here for cancer patients interested in receiving complementary support alongside conventional treatments and those seeking prevention of cancer or its recurrence. We work with patients, their families, and their oncologists, surgeons, and family doctors, to develop complementary, therapeutic programs that can help to optimize overall wellness.

Through our clinical practice, research and education, we strive to assess and reduce the possible causes of cancer while exploring innovative integrative treatment approaches.

The OICC is a not-for-profit regional centre of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, a registered charity providing education and research in naturopathic and complementary medicine since 1978.

Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre

29 Bayswater Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 2E5
Phone: (613) 792-1222
Fax: (613) 792-1620
Toll-free: 1 (855) 546-1244