The Centre for Health Innovation (CHI)

The Centre for Health Innovation (CHI), the new home for the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC), provides excellence in health care for our community.

Today, our services include both Supportive Cancer Care and General Health Care with an exceptional multidisciplinary team of practitioners.

For almost 10 years, the OICC focused on changing how people are living with cancer, as a regional centre of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. The OICC was the first integrative cancer care and research centre in Central and Eastern Canada, and was awarded the two largest-ever integrative cancer care research grants in North America.

In October 2020, under a new name of the CHI, the OICC transitioned to become a new clinic, independent from CCNM, with an expanded vision to provide care for chronic health conditions well suited for integrative medicine.

To learn more about us, consult our website, contact us by email (, give us a call (613-792-1222) or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.