Metastatic Breast Cancer Atlantic

The dream of a Canadian organization dedicated entirely to the MBC community has been shared by many over the past decade, but how to achieve this when one has a prognosis of just a few years? As advances in technology and pharmaceuticals have entered the Canadian health care system, some of those living with MBC now look forward to the possibility of 10, or more, years of life.  Now we have time to dream. For too long we have been relegated to the last chapter in someone’s book on breast cancer.  As we live longer, we as a community realize we need an organization that speaks for us, and not only puts us in the first chapter, but makes the book entirely about us.

Many of us have dreamed this dream, and I am profoundly grateful to all those who have shared their dream with me, and passed it on.  I am especially grateful to Angela  (NS), who started the first support group for Canadians with MBC; to Sharon Foster and Sherry Bishop (NL) for the preliminary work they did in starting this organization; and to Breast Cancer Action Nova Scotia for agreeing to be a strategic partner and helping the MBC community realize this dream.

– Sharon MacNeill, Founder


To improve the lives of those in Atlantic Canada who are living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) by

  • providing education, resources and support,
  • increasing awareness of the unmet needs of those living with MBC and advocating for change