Lung Cancer Canada


Lung Cancer Canada is a national charitable organization, which aims to increase awareness for lung cancer, support patients and the individuals who care for them, and provide educational resources to patients, family members, healthcare professionals and the general public.


Through an on-going lung cancer awareness campaign, Lung Cancer Canada works to enhance Canadians’ knowledge of lung cancer. Information fact Sheets, Patient Guides and other educational materials with key information about the disease are distributed to the public via the caregiver, patient and healthcare community.


Lung Cancer Canada provides education about lung cancer to patients and families, healthcare professionals and the general public through newsletters and educational materials available in print versions or online at In addition, Lung Cancer Canada offers information sessions and continuing education events on topics specific to lung cancer for both the general public and healthcare professionals across Canada.

Lung Cancer Canada is a member of the Global Lung Cancer Coalition

The Global Lung Cancer Coalition (GLCC) is the international ‘voice’ of lung cancer patients. Established in 2001, the GLCC comprises of non-government patient organizations from around the globe and is committed to improving disease outcomes for all lung cancer patients. For further information please visit Lung Cancer Canada.

Lung Cancer Canada
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