Life-Saving Therapies Network

About Us

LSTN (Life-Saving Therapies Network) is a patient-led international network of oncologists, researchers, regulators, medical ethicists, health economists and others from North America and the EU. Our mission is to enable patients with lethal diseases to have faster access to better therapies. Our initiatives are evidence-based and supported by a cross section of key players in the healthcare system internationally.

Our areas of focus include clinical research, regulatory and reimbursement reform.

  • Regulatory Reform: The system is wasteful, cumbersome and time consuming. There are too many agencies and bureaucratic steps required to get a treatment to a person – it’s killing people and increasing suffering. We need to speed-up access to promising therapies for lethal diseases by putting progress-centered regulations in place.
  • Clinical Research Reform: We need clinical trials designed to fit the treatment (e.g., adaptive trials, real-world trials, small efficient trials for precision medicines, not wasteful multi-year studies that sometimes mask a drug’s effectiveness). In addition, trials should include real word evidence, eligibility criteria should be more flexible, and people should be treated close to where they live.
  • Reimbursement Reform: The formulary of lethal disease treatments approved for reimbursement should be expanded. Criteria for reimbursement must be simplified to give people in all socio-economic circumstances access to the best treatments.

Compass for change

Our advocacy landscape is complex and multi-leveled. Our Compass for Change makes each element of our plan clear and helps us navigate our way forward.

  1. Create political will
  2. Lead with patient advocacy
  3. Make therapies accessible
  4. Leverage technology
  5. Bridge Data Silos
  6. Promote Regulatory efficiency

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