GTA Ovarian Cancer Peer Support Network

Who We Are

OVCA Peers is a network of ovarian cancer survivors that meet every 6 weeks to support one another, to build knowledge, to provide information and share resources about living with ovarian cancer.

OVCA Peers was initiated in response to a lack of ovarian cancer support available in the Greater Toronto Area. Our network started meeting regularly in 2011 and our membership has continued to grow ever since.

OVCA Peers leadership is shared between all members. We have rotating Chair, co-chairs and secretary.

Our Mission & What We Do

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for women with ovarian cancer by providing a safe and empowering forum for peer support, knowledge and awareness through advocacy

To achieve this mission, the network has three broad aims:

1) To provide support for one another.
Peer support is a powerful model to provide one another with empathy, validation, sharing, practical information, suggestions and strategies through difficult times.

2) To provide resources to build knowledge.
We regularly invite expert speakers to share with us their insights about ovarian cancer biology and treatment as well as the psychosocial challenges of living with ovarian cancer.

3) To collectively implement change to meet our needs.
We identify areas that need improvement and serve as patient advocates to implement change. Current areas of focus include the development of patient-friendly educational materials, facilitation of access to clinical trials, and helping direct organizations to meet our unique needs.

GTA Ovarian Cancer Peer Support Network

Gilda’s Club Toronto
24 Cecil Street.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1N2