Consumer Advocare Network

The Consumer Advocare Network is a national network of healthcare consumer organizations and individuals in Canada.

The Consumer Advocare Network:

provides an effective voice for health care consumer organizations, allied groups, and individuals.
promotes informed input to policy and funding decisions which support consumer priorities.
promotes consumer participation in health care decision making at all levels.


The Consumer Advocare Network mission is to ensure that the Canadian health care system is driven by consumer needs.

This is driven by:

  • Educating consumers, consumer groups and advocates about health care issues.
  • Assisting consumers to contribute to the development of health policy.
  • Ensuring that consumers and advocates are aware of access barriers to health services.
  • Helping consumers respond to health policy issues of concern and participate in a coordinated way.
  • Ensuring that healthcare providers and other stakeholders work effectively with consumers, consumer groups, and consumer advocates as equal, legitimate partners.


Website: Consumer Advocare Network