Medicines Access Coalition BC

What we do?

MedAccess BC is a coalition of 30 chronic disease specific non-profit organizations and other groups, representing over two million constituents, with a mandate to improve patient outcomes by increasing timely and equitable access to evidence-based prescription medications, medical technologies and treatments for people of British Columbia. MedAccess BC collaborates and communicates with many stakeholders including, BC PharmaCare (public payer), Government, Policy Makers, Health Practitioners, Researchers, Private Health Plan/Insurers (private payers), Benefit Managers & Consultants, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and others who play a role in the access to medicines. We work with our members and advocate together with healthcare providers, disease-specific non-governmental organizations, researchers, clinicians, insurers, patients, caregivers and other stakeholders to maintain and improve access to medicines.

To learn more, consult our website.