Anal Cancer – A Bum Rap: Anal Cancer Support Group

Welcome to the Anal Cancer Patient & Family Support Group “A Bum Rap”, based in Ottawa, Canada.

If you need someone to reach out to, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on and a confidante who KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE to have been diagnosed with anal cancer and has gone through the intensive treatment, then please contact us. We offer email, phone, on-line support… and face to face support if you live in Ottawa & area.

If you are an anal cancer survivor and you are willing to share your experiences with other anal cancer patients please contact us and become one of our team.

If you are a medical professional involved in anal cancer research/screening/treatment and would like to write occasional columns for us to add to our website and/or be a guest speaker…please contact us-we will be keeping all your information fully confidential.

“We KNOW you have the strength to do this alone…but sometimes it’s easier if we do it together!”??

NOTE: We do not provide in-depth medical advice. Please rely on & trust your colo-rectal surgeon/oncologists & related medical teams…we did!

You can find us on Twitter @ABumRap or on our website.