Alberta Health Coalition



The HEALTH COALITION OF ALBERTA is an alliance of patient and consumer individuals, groups, health charities, non-profits, and other coalitions.
We have come together to strengthen our voice in advocating for and supporting a health care system that provides the best care and treatment options to every Albertan. We are a united voice advocating for better access to optimal health care for all Albertans.

We are proactively engaged in relevant discussions with governments, health professionals and other stakeholders concerning existing health care challenges or proposed health care reform.

The voice the Health Coalition of Alberta potentially represents is one-third of the population of Alberta, and this could be increasing as our population ages and/or faces more health issues and/or access challenges to preventive or treatment care in the future.


The mandate of the Coalition is to advocate for people-centered health care in Alberta. Through the strength of our membership, we will be consulted with, and listened to, when decisions are made that impact the health of Albertans.


We are a Coalition of voluntary sector groups advocating with a united voice for better access to optimal health care for all Albertans.


“The best people-centered health care for all Albertans.”

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