How to Become a Corporate Sponsor

Developing and maintaining a partnership with a corporate sponsor means more at CCSN than “you send us a cheque, we put your logo on our website” (although that happens as well).

A corporate sponsorship is developed when both parties find a synergy in their aims and goals, and we especially look for common ground for CCSN’s goal of optimal, patient-centered care in all aspects of the Canadian health system.

CCSN prefers to become involved with sponsors to bring attention to common causes, educate cancer patients and survivors to become informed and active health service consumers and to make a positive impact.

Realization of a corporate sponsorship/partnership should involve both parties working together with defined goals, interaction on achieving those goals, and to make a difference that matters to the more than 186,400 Canadians diagnosed with cancer every year.

To join us to do that, email Mona Forrest, Secretary of the Board of Directors,, or call 613-898-1871. We will be pleased to discuss potential sponsorship with you!