June 13th, 2018 – It’s In You To Fight Cancer! CCSN Immunotherapy Day on Parliament Hill

[OTTAWA, ON, June 13 2018] – On June 12th, 2018 the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network hosted a breakfast event in the Parliamentary Dining Room in Centre Block on Parliament Hill called “It’s In You to Fight Cancer”.

The breakfast included healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies as part of a conversation about immunotherapy, a novel cancer treatment in which the body’s own immune cells are modified to target and attack cancerous cells.

Speaker Kelley Parato of BioCanRX explained the science of immunotherapy to over one hundred attendees. Following Kelley, Dr. Paul Wheatley-Price of the Ottawa Hospital stressed specific importance of funding immunotherapy treatments for cancer patients.

Representatives of political parties were also invited to speak, including Liberal MP Bill Casey, NDP Health Critic Don Davies and Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie. Closing remarks were given by Rob Oliphant, Liberal MP and sponsor of the event.

The breakfast event was followed by several meetings between CCSN delegates and MPs, continuing the discussion on timely access for innovative treatments for cancer patients.


For a full report and event photos, click here.