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Find out all about CCSN’s staff, student interns, and volunteers!
If you would like to do your internship or volunteer with us or contact a current volunteer, please email info@survivornet.ca

Board of Directors

Rotating Chair

Jackie Manthorne
President & CEO, Ex Officio
Mona Forrest
Operations Manager, Ex Officio
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Richard Vroom
Alexandre Chevrette
Assistant Treasurer
Casey Hurrell
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Ella Forbes-Chillibeck
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Claude Richer
Lauren Koshurba
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Nancy Clifford
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Trina Fraser
Legal Counsel – BrazeauSeller LLP
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Jackie Manthorne
President & CEO
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Mona Forrest
Operations Manager
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Martin Dufresne
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Édouard Beaudry
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Jennifer Spence
Bookkeeping & Administration Coordinator
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Lindsay Timm
Community Engagement Manager
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Trevor Smith-Millar
Communications Manager
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Connor Mulders
Public Policy Coordinator
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Tiziri Ait Ali
Communications Assistant

Twitter accounts:
@Survivornetca – our main twitter account of information, news, and resources on all cancers
@Bestbreastnews – information on breast health and breast cancer
@Prostatepost – news, events, and resources on prostate cancer
@Canadianmeso – details on asbestos and mesothelioma
@Lungcancercan – focuses on lung cancer news, events, and awareness
@CCSNpoli – general, non-partisan talk about the politics of healthcare and cancer care
@Medmarijuanacan – news and information regarding medical marijuana
@Stomachcancerca – information and resources on stomach cancer
@Cervicalcanca – information and resources on cervical cancer
@Melanomacan – information and resources on melanoma
@LiverCancerCA – information and resources on liver cancer
@HeadandNeckCan – information and resources on head and neck cancer
@cancercantwait  –  CCSN’s Cancer Can’t Wait COVID-19 disruption of cancer care in Canada

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Mailing Address
Canadian Cancer Survivor Network
1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210
Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5

Phone – 613-898-1871
Email info@survivornet.ca