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Find out all about CCSN’s staff, student interns and volunteers!
If you would like to do your internship or volunteer with us, or contact a current volunteer, please email info@survivornet.ca

Board of Directors

rotating chair

Jackie Manthorne
President & CEO, ex-officio
Contact by E-mail: jmanthorne@survivornet.ca
Mona Forrest
Contact by E-mail: mforrest@survivornet.ca
Richard Vroom
Alexandre Chevrette
Ella Forbes-Chillibeck
Claude Richer
Casey Hurrell
Member - Chair, Curriculum commitee
Trina Fraser
Legal Counsel – BrazeauSeller LLP


Jackie Manthorne
President & CEO
Contact by E-mail: jmanthorne@survivornet.ca
Jennifer Spence
Bookkeeping and Administration Coordinator
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Conrad Eder
Public Policy Analyst
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Layla Moumin
Community Engagement Coordinator
As the community engagement coordinator, Layla is responsible for organizing webinars, newsletters, and acting as a liaison between CCSN and patient groups. Layla has an honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto with a double major in Political Science & Criminology and Socio-legal Studies. As a former high school and university debater, Layla continues her involvement with the activity by teaching debate classes to middle school students.
Ariane Hamel
Communications and Social Media Coordinator
Nubia Resende
Social Media & Office Administrator
Contact by email: admin@survivornet.ca
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Our Volunteers

Casey Hurrell
Curriculum Development Committee
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Lindsay Timm
Administrative Assistant/Fundraising/Election
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Vindhya Babureddy
Administrative Assistant
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Tahmid Ahmed
Public Policy Assistant/Election
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Enuju Jo
Data and Statistics Team
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Yongqing Yang
Data and Statistics Team
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Josephine Elugbaju
Health Education Program Assistant
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Twitter accounts:
@Survivornetca – our main twitter account of information, news and resources on all cancers
@Bestbreastnews – information on breast health and breast cancer
@Prostatepost – news, events and resources on prostate cancer
@Canadianmeso – details on asbestos and mesothelioma
@Lungcancercan – focuses on lung cancer news, events and awareness
@CCSNpoli – general, non-partisan talk about the politics of healthcare and cancer care
@Medmarijuanacan – news and information regarding medical marijuana
@Stomachcancerca – information and resources on stomach cancer
@Cervicalcanca – information and resources on cervical cancer
@Melanomacan – information and resources on melanoma
@LiverCancerCA – information and resources on liver cancer
@HeadandNeckCan – information and resources on head and neck cancer
@cancercantwait  –  CCSN’s Cancer Can’t Wait COVID-19 disruption of cancer care in Canada

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Mailing Address
Canadian Cancer Survivor Network
1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210
Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5

Phone – 613-898-1871
Email info@survivornet.ca