Rosa Francia-Meneses (1952-2000)

The Phillipine Breast Cancer Network bids Rosa a heartfelt farewell in her journey to immortality. The Lord had tasked her with a mission that she accepted and which she accomplished with flying colours. Her passage came a day after the Five-Hour ABS-CBN Telethon – the summit of her advocacy which finally made breast cancer a national public health issue in the Philippines. Rosa just held o­n for this event. In her honour and memory does the PBCN pledge its unwavering commitment to end the epidemic of breast cancer within this generation.

Rosa was a most gallant breast cancer warrior who exemplified courage and bravery, not o­nly in her personal battle with a formidable enemy but much more in her unquestionable commitment to the global movement for the eradication of breast cancer. During her 43 months of intense struggle with an unacceptable disease, Rosa always maintained the honour and dignity of all women living with breast cancer. Within that brief period, she gained international respect and recognition in three World Conference o­n Breast Cancer, staged two Philippine Conferences o­n Breast Cancer, and in her remaining days, climbed against the odds in Mt. Fuji. Her life has touched and moved thousands across the country and the entire world. Rosa lost her breast and eventually lost her life, but she never lost her brave fighting heart.

Rosa will live forever! We shared the sorrow of Rosa’s family, friends, and the members of the Philippine Breast Cancer Network, and we pledge anew to honour her memory through our work to eradicate the disease that took her life.