Don Krug (1957-2017)

April 6, 2017

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It is with deep sadness that the Faculty of Education reports the passing away of Professor Don Krug on April 2, 2017 at age 60.  Professor Krug was born at Sheboygan, Wisconsin on January 23, 1957. With expertise in art education and technology studies, Professor Krug joined The Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, UBC on October 1, 2002.  On August 31, 2014 Professor Krug went on medical leave. Prior to taking the medical leave, Professor Krug’s depth of experience in ecology and the arts was an important consideration in his 2012 appointment as a University Sustainability Fellow. Professor Krug co-authored (with Ann Parker) Miracles of the Spirit: Folk, Art, and Stories from Wisconsin and was author of numerous articles on visual arts, technology, and folk culture. Professor Krug was dedicated to teaching and was on top of his game working with teacher education and graduate students. He coordinated the off-campus Digital Learning and Curriculum (DLC) cohort and was instrumental in the Faculty’s innovation and leadership in technology. In his spare time, Professor Krug was a talented painter, competitive golfer, active gardener, and passionate Green Bay Packers football fan. Professor Krug’s work in the Faculty, activism on campus, and service to the profession will be sorely missed. These past three years were extremely difficult for Professor Krug as he battled cancer and tried a wide variety of treatments. Special acknowledgement goes to his wife Mary for the exceptional love and care she dedicated to Professor Krug. A service to celebrate Professor Krug’s life will be announced soon.

Don was a member of CCSN’s A Seat at the Table Curriculum Committee, and was instrumental in guiding the committee in its development of the 10-module Science of Cancer e-education course to prepare cancer patients, caregivers, survivors and family members to sit on peer review research panels.

He also joined CCSN’s president & CEO Jackie Manthorne in a spring 2016 visit to Victoria, BC where he participated in meetings with six MLAs who were members of the legislative health committee. This trip enabled Don to accomplish one of the items on his bucket list by flying from the Vancouver harbour to the Victoria harbour on a float plane.