CCSN’s questions to Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidates

The current Liberal Party of Canada leadership race provides you, the patient / survivor advocate, with a unique opportunity to ask questions and engage the candidates who hope to be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. CCSN is here to not only make your voice heard, but also to help you engage the candidates.

CCSN has prepared questions that we have asked the candidates. Please join us in making sure the candidates are aware of health and cancer care issues!

Here are CCSN’s questions:

Standing up for Canada’s Healthcare System

If elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada will you make healthcare and upholding the five principles of the Canada Health Act a priority? How will you do this?

Supporting Canadians when they Need it Most

A recent study showed that 91% of households suffer a loss of income or rise in expenses as a direct result of a cancer diagnosis.[1]  A separate survey has found that two thirds of cancer survivors were away from work for 16 weeks or more during treatment and the average gap without Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits coverage was 23 weeks.[2]  Battling cancer is difficult enough; Canadian families should not have the additional stress of worrying how they will pay for groceries and rent. Will you commit to increasing EI Sickness Benefits from the current 15 weeks to 52 weeks for Canadians diagnosed with cancer?

Affordable Accessible Prescription Medications

In the 2011 Liberal Party Platform, there was a commitment to a new initiative to address the gaps in coverage of prescription drugs and the high costs of drugs in general. Under your leadership, will you ensure that this initiative is included again in the platform, and will you commit to supporting the development of a National Pharmacare Program that ensures medications for cancer patients are affordable and accessible?

Please let us know if you receive a response. Note that we will be posting responses on our website at, so check back often!


[1] CCAN and CCS MB Five Year Action Plan to Address the Financial Impact of Cancer 2012

[2] Ibid

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