CCSN’s fourth advocacy webinar was on Wednesday, June 12!

Webinar: How To Use Social Media To Influence Decision-Makers

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is offering a series of eight advocacy webinars designed to give you information to help you become an effective advocate.

These webinars are supported by Novartis Canada, and each focuses on a different aspect of the advocacy process.

Our most recent webinar was entitled How to use social media to influence decision-makers. The webinar was co-hosted by Joanne Koskie, Vice President, and and Beth Daniher of Cohn & Wolfe, and Megan Boyle, Consultant, of Global Public Affairs.

The social media webinar provided:

•    An overview of key social media tools that can be used in advocacy.

•    An introduction to how social media can be used to raise awareness for your issue among your networks.

•    How to use social media to raise and sustain interest in your issue among media and government.

Past Webinars

All four webinars so far have been archived:

•    Webinar #1: How the healthcare system in Canada is structured, March 27, 2013

•    Webinar #2: What you should know about the drug approval process in Canada, April 17, 2013

•    Webinar #3: Advocacy Overview: Shaping the Advocacy Agenda, May 22, 2013

•    Webinar #4: How to use Social Media to Influence Decision-makers, June 12, 2013

You can access them here!

Upcoming Webinars

Please note that we will be holding four more webinars, beginning again in September.

How to register for upcoming webinars:

To participate, you will need to register by first sending an email to CCSN will then email you the link for participating in the webinar and login instructions.

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