CAPRI CANADA – CArdiotoxicity PRevention Initiative Canada

Half of all Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetimes. With better chemotherapy, radiation and ‘targeted’ treatments, more people are surviving cancer. But those same treatments can cause harmful side effects, both right away and over many years after treatment. One side effect that can be even more dangerous than the original cancer is heart weakness, also called ‘heart failure’. There is no cure for heart failure, and half of all people diagnosed with heart failure die within 3 years. 

By studying large computer databases across Canada, Dr Pituskin and her team will learn who is at most risk heart failure, the best ways to monitor and detect any early weakness, and how to prevent heart failure from happening. Her goal is for all survivors to have long and healthy lives after necessary cancer treatments. 

Dr Pituskin is seeking survivors or caregivers who have firsthand experience with the problem of heart weakness or failure. With this expertise, her team can develop the best application possible to the Canadian Cancer Society / Canadian Institutes of Health Research Survivorship Team Grant to fund this important research. These survivors are considered part of the research team and will be named in the May 29 electronic registration.

If interested please contact Edith Pituskin: