Canadian Thyroid Cancer Organizations

Thyroid Cancer Canada

Thyroid Cancer Canada is a national organization of thyroid cancer survivors dedicated to providing emotional support and information to those affected by the disease. Their goals and objectives include facilitating communication among thyroid cancer patients, providing credible information about the disease, providing emotional support, and assisting thyroid cancer patients with voicing their needs to health care professionals and those who are responsible for health care policy.

Thyroid Cancer Canada
308 Main Street, 1st Floor
Toronto, ON
M4C 4X7

Phone: 416-487-8267
Facebook: Thyroid Cancer Canada
Twitter: @ThyroidCancerCa


Thyroid Foundation of Canada (TFC)

The goals of the Thyroid Foundation of Canada are to promote awareness and education about thyroid disease; lend moral support to thyroid patients and their families and raise funds for much needed thyroid disease research.

Thyroid Foundation of Canada
P.O. Box 298
Bath, ON
K0H 1G0

Phone: 1-800-267-8822
Facebook: Thyroid Foundation of Canada
Twitter: @ThyroidF