International Testicular Cancer

55,266 men were diagnosed with testicular cancer worldwide in 2012, and 10,351 died of this disease(Globocan, 2012).

More than 90% of testicular cancers start in germ cells, which are the sperm forming cells within the testicles. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in male adolescents and young adults (15–29 years of age) (Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia).

For additional information about testicular cancer, please go to the Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia.

International Testicular Cancer Foundation (USA)

The International Testicular Cancer Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of patients, caregivers and families who have been affected by testicular cancer. They offer support, information and social media to the fight the disease and to create a connected and informed community.

700 W. Center Avenue
Visalia, CA 93291
United States of America
Tel: 559-302-1200
Fax: 559-733-5612

Testicular Cancer Foundation (USA)

The purpose of the Testicular Cancer Foundation (Team Single Jingles) is simple: we provide awareness, education, and support to young men and their families about this disease. We educate them how to do a simple monthly self-exam to detect for early signs of testicular cancer.

By teaching young men about their body, we not only increase the likelihood of early detection of testicular cancer – we also are teaching them about the importance of taking care of their bodies and being an advocate for their own health.

Testicular Cancer Foundation
12600 Hill Country Blvd
Suite R-270
Austin, TX 78738

Twitter: @TCancer
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Testicular Cancer Society (USA)

The Testicular Cancer Society is a non-profit organization to raise awareness for the most common form of cancer in men age 15-35. They are dedicated to increasing awareness and education about the disease and providing support for fighters, survivors and caregivers.

Mailing Address:
Testicular Cancer Society
1173 Alnetta Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45230
Phone: 513-696-9827

Twitter: @TCSociety
YouTube: Testicular Cancer Society

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation (USA)

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation is a non-profit organization compassionately dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by testicular cancer; educating others about the importance of awareness and early detection, and continuing to save lives.

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation
202 North Avenue #305
Grand Junction, CO 81501
1-888-610-TCAF (8223)
Ext 701 – Kim Jones, CEO/Founder –
Ext 702 – Jillian Manning, Director of Operations –
Ext 703 – Michael Muriett – Director of Education –

Twitter: @TCAFinfo
Facebook: Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation
YouTube: Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

Orchid (UK)

Orchid is the UK’s leading charity working in the area of male-specific cancers. Established in 1996 by testicular cancer patient Colin Osborne, and the oncologist who saved his life, Professor Tim Oliver, the charity provides support to people affected by or interested in these cancers through funding a world-class research programme, awareness and education campaigns and a range of vital support services.

St Bartholomew’s Hospital
Tel: 0203 465 5766 (Mon-Fri, 09:00–17:30)
Fax: 0207 600 1155

Twitter: @OrchidCancer
Facebook: Orchid

John Hartson Foundation (UK)

Founded in 2010, John Hartson Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, thereby encouraging men to seek medical attention leading to viral early detection and diagnosis
  • Preserve and protect the health of patients suffering from testicular cancer by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities and support services not normally provided by statutory authorities
  • Relieve the distress of cancer sufferers and their families by assisting in the provision of counselling and support services

The John Hartson Foundation,
25A St James Avenue, Hairmyres,
East Kilbride, G74 5QD
Phone: 07961 543 254

Twitter: @HartsFND
Facebook: John Hartson Foundation

Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation

Raising Awareness of testicular cancer and the important of early diagnosis and treatment. Providing answers, and promoting action in the fight against testicular cancer. The Foundation was established in memory of Sean Kimerling, the Emmy Award-winning anchor of WB 11 sports and pre-game announcer for the Mets. Sean died from testicular cancer on September 9, 2003. He was only 37.

Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation
150 Broadway #1105
New York , NY 10038
Phone:212-986-0892 ext. 104
Fax: 212-661-1970

Twitter: @SeanKimerling
Facebook: Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation
Pinterest: Sean Kimerling