Provincial and federal drug plans and formularies

Formularies across the provinces

Health Canada drug product database – A database provided by Health Canada to search for drug identification numbers, product names and company names

BC PharmaCare formulary search – Provides a search engine for the formulary of BC PharmaCare and links to other cancer agencies’ formularies in British Columbia

Alberta drug benefit list – A formulary for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan; includes medicines covered under other plans

Saskatchewan cancer agency drug formulary – Saskatchewan Cancer Agency provides a formulary of the anti-cancer drugs and some supportive drugs funded by the agency

Saskatchewan online formulary database – A formulary of all the medicines covered underneath the Saskatchewan Drug Plan

Manitoba drug benefits and interchangeability formulary – A formulary for all the drugs which have been approved as eligible benefits under the Pharmacare drug benefit program.

Ontario drug benefit formulary/comparative drug index – A search engine that shows the formulary of drugs available under the various reimbursement programs in Ontario

Quebec list of medications – A formulary of the medications covered by Quebec’s basic prescription drug insurance plan

New Brunswick prescription drug program formulary – A formulary of the drugs which are eligible for benefits under the New Brunswick Drug Plan

Nova Scotia Pharmacare – A formulary that details the drugs and devices available for benefits under the Pharmacare programs in Nova Scotia

P.E.I. Pharmacare formulary – A formulary of the medications approved for coverage in Prince Edward Island as a public service

Newfoundland and Labrador interchangeable drug products and formulary – A formulary that lists the drugs which are covered by the Newfoundland and Labrador
Prescription Drug Program

Nunavut non-insured health benefits program – The Extended Health Benefits Full Coverage Plan covers those enrolled in the Nunavut Health Care Plan and have a chronic illness or disease; this list approved prescription drugs

North-West Territories health centre formulary – The Extended Health Benefits Full Coverage Plan covers those enrolled in the Nunavut Health Care Plan and have a chronic illness or disease; this list approved prescription drugs

Yukon drug formulary – A search directory of the formulary for the drugs covered by the Yukon Insured Health Services

Provincial financial information and resources

Canadian cancer society – Financial help – The Canadian Cancer Society provides financial help and advice specific to the province or territory where the patient and family resides

Wellspring – Money matters – Wellspring provides information on government income programs, community resources and support to help cancer patients cope with the financial difficulty that can come with a cancer diagnosis.

BC Cancer agency – Financial and healthcare coverage information – Further financial information and assistance for cancer patients residing in British Columbia

CancerCare Manitoba – Financial arrangements – Services are provided by CancerCare Manitoba to help cancer patients understand Manitoba’s drug coverage programs

CancerCare Ontario – Cancer drug reimbursement – Information on programs that approve cancer drugs for Ontario patients that may not otherwise be available for reimbursement

CancerCare Nova Scotia – Finances and other concerns – Information and advice for cancer patients living in Nova Scotia

Cancer care foundation Newfoundland – Patient and family support fund – A support fund established to help cancer patients who are experiencing financial hardship

Federal programs

Federal programs and funding may be eligible for prostate cancer patients should they or a family member qualifies be employed be the Canadian Forces or fall under other criteria of the programs.

Canadian forces health services – The Canadian armed forces drug benefit list – A formulary of the drugs available for coverage to CF members and other eligible persons

Canadian forces health services – Spectrum of care – Medical and dental benefits and services – Further describes the health benefits and services available to CF members and other eligible persons

Interim federal health program – A limited temporary coverage of health-care costs to protected persons not eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance plans and when a claim cannot be made under private health insurance

Service Canada – Employment insurance compassionate care benefits – Compassionate care benefits are benefits paid to people who have to be away from work temporarily to provide care or support to a family member who is gravely ill and who has a significant risk of death within 6 months; a maximum of six weeks may be paid to eligible people

Health Canada – Non-insured health benefits – Provides a range of medically necessary goods and services to eligible First Nations (including registered Indians under the terms of The Indian Act) and recognized Inuit clients in Canada.

Veterans affairs Canada – Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) provides a wide range of benefits and services, including prescription drugs, to qualified veterans, still-serving Canadian Forces members, RCMP members, and certain civilians as well as their dependants and survivors.

Medical expenses tax credit – Medical expenses that can be claimed for oneself, a spouse or common-law partner, or dependent children born in 1996 or later; if a patient or caregiver is spending more than 3 per cent of their income on medical expenses, then they can claim these expenses for the tax credit [9].

Health Canada – Disability tax credit – A person with a disability or their caregiver may be able to claim on their income tax and benefit return the deductions and tax credits; here is a list of what they could claim

Health Canada – Special access programme – The Special Access Programme (SAP) provides access to non-marketed drugs for practitioners treating patients with serious or life-threatening conditions when conventional therapies have failed, are unsuitable, or unavailable