Prostate Cancer

The prostate is an essential component of the male reproductive system. Its main function is to produce seminal fluid that will mix with the sperm from the testicles to create semen. This semen is ejaculated during sexual intercourse. For a quick video overview of the cancer, click HERE.

In partnership with several stakeholder groups, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network has created a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for prostate cancer patients. The Canadian Prostate Cancer Guide includes resources, support groups and news. With the specialized info quiz, the website can match you with the resources you need, be you recently diagnosed, living with the disease, or being a caregiver for someone who has it. Most sections of this cancer entry will forward to the relevant pages on this website.

For the signs and symptoms related to prostate cancer, click HERE.

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Visit the Canadian Prostate Cancer Guide for resources offered by cancer groups across the country.

View the DIRECTORY of the various prostate cancer support groups across Canada.

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