Oral Cancer Blogs

Beyond The Glass Door

Brian grew up in the burbs of Detroit, in the 60’s. After College, he moved to California to become the youngest franchisee of Little Caesars Pizza, at the time. Incorporating in the State of California, he became CEO of his own company, opening three of his own restaurants and becoming President of a co-op of 70 units, as well as assisting with their national television ad campaigns. He would spend 20 very successful years in the pizza business, only to succumb to illness and given 3 months to live. That was 15 years ago! In 2007 cancer reared its with yet another death sentence. He lost his tongue to a stage IV deadly squamous carcinoma. After being sliced, diced, micro-waved, poisoned, and forced to survive almost 3 years on a feeding tube, he is still here.

Cheeky Librarian

Teresa Hartman was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma of the left parotid in June 2006. This blog is her place to relate her experiences with cancer treatment, as well as share resources that may be helpful to fellow oral, head, and neck cancer survivors. Her goal is continue enjoying the Nebraska Good Life.

Evicting Oral Cancer

Jason noticed a bump on his tongue at the beginning of November 2011. He was diagnosed with Oral Cancer in December 2011. After Jason’s diagnosis of oral cancer, His wife Jaime decided it was time for her to blog. On their journey of evicting cancer from Jason’s body!

Shalil Giannone – CaringBridge

After having some tooth pain and visiting the dentist for Shalil’s normal 6 month checkup, Shalil was scheduled for a root canal procedure. Upon visiting the endodontist, he noticed a mass growing on the roof of her mouth and scheduled her for a biopsy. It is a rare cancerous tumor known as Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma.