Neuroblastoma Blogs

Caden James – Caring Bridge

Caden, at age 4, was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in August 2007. It had spread into his bone marrow by the time it was diagnosed. In October 2013, they went for Caden’s 5 year off therapy appointment and everything looks great!

Elijah Talley – Caring Bridge

In August of 2005, 4 years old Elijah was diagnosed with Stage lV, Neuroblastoma. Talley family’s long journey is still continuing.

Hans Journey – through Neuroblastoma and Relapsed Neuroblastoma

Han was diagnosed with Stage lV, Neuroblastoma at age of 3 in October 2006. In September, 2012, Hans completed his fight against Neuroblastoma for nearly six years, he transformed into an angel.

Haven: Neuroblastoma Cancer and ROHHAD Syndrome

Haven was a normal healthy girl at age of two. Then, in one month she gained 25 pounds and kept gaining. After her 3rd birthday her parents noticed her eye turned out. She had MRI a few times but they couldn’t figure it out. In 2007, Haven was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer and ROHHAD Syndrome.

Dad’s Diary – A Journey Through Twerphood

This is one father’s story of his daughter’s battle with neuroblastoma. His daughter was diagnosed at age two and is now in remission.

The Matthews’ Story

The Matthews’ son Ezra was only 13 months old when a neuroblastoma tumour was found above his kidney. Although Ezra has since passed on, the Matthews continue to blog to raise awareness for children with neuroblastoma.

My Family Has Cancer x2

In January of 2011, Mike’s wife Kezia was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 3b. His daughter, Saoirse, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, stage 4 High Risk on May 5, 2011. She was only 18 months old when she passed away. Mike is in the process of starting a foundation to raise funds for neuroblastoma and using his blog to help.

Nick Lynch

In May 2006, Nick was diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma which is a rare and serious childhood cancer at age of 8. One month later, he was re-diagnosed as Stage 4. His symptoms were a low grade fever and a tummy ache. All Nick’s test results have been No Evidence of Disease since September 2006. Now, they have been meeting with the Long Term Survival Team every summer.

Journal of Adrian

Adrian Au lives in Toronto, Ontario. When Au family went to Hong Kong, Adrian got sick and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in February 2007 at age of 10 months. The original planned 2 weeks’ vacation turned out to be a 2 ½ years stay in Hong Kong.


Wyatt Anthony Kamp – Caring Bridge

Wyatt born on March 28th, 2008 was diagnosed shortly after his 4 month well-check with Stage lV N-MYC amplified Neuroblastoma. He has endured chemotherapies, Bone Marrow Transplant, radiation, antibody therapies, surgeries, brain surgeries, vaccines, and more.