Nasal Cavity & Paranasal Cancer Blogs

Quemon’s Cancer Blog

Ron was misdiagnosed with a deviated septum and referred to a specialist. The specialist simply checked him out and booked him for surgery nine months down the road. In January, the nosebleeds turned to ear bleeds and the headaches became more severe. In February, when Ron underwent surgery for a deviated septum, they found a massive tumour was the real cause of all the nosebleeds and headaches.

Virginia’s Cancer Blog

Virginia had nosebleeds for a month after blowing her nose, then got up one Sunday morning with her mouth full of blood and took an hour to get it to stop. She was diagnosed with a Nasal Cavity and Pranasal Sinus Cancer on September 2013.

Daniel Jackson

This is Daniel’s journey and experience of Ethmoid cancer and his life after cancer who was diagnosed in November 2011, he was 33 years old. It started with a watery eye, and after months of misdiagnosis this turned out to be stage 4 cancer. His journey and story has been covered by National media and has included TV interviews, coverage of one of his huge reconstruction surgeries by the hit TV show Embarrassing Bodies. His full story and links to media coverage are documented on his website DEFIANTLY DISFIGURED.