International Metastatic Cancer Organizations

Cancer can start in any organ or tissue in the body. A primary cancer or tumour is the first, original tumour that develops in the body. Metastatic cancer occurs when cancer spreads from its original location (primary tumour) to a new part of the body (Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia).

For additional information about metastatic cancer, please go to the Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia.

Most cancer organizations provide information and services for people living with metastatic cancer. Depending on the type of metastatic cancer you have, please go to the appropriate section and contact the groups listed there.

Here are several other suggestions for groups to contact:

MetaCancer Foundation (USA)

The MetaCancer Foundation provides resources and support for metastatic cancer survivors and their caregivers. MetaCancer encourages dialogue among those with very different types of metastatic cancer (breast, prostate, colorectal, ovarian, bladder/urinary, skin, lung, and testicular, among others), even though respective treatment protocols and medical issues may seem to have little in common with each other. The common bonds are the psychological and emotional realities faced by anyone living with metastatic cancer. MetaCancer provides resources for everyday living, opportunities for creative reflection, and possibilities for you to “go meta”: to live beyond your diagnosis right now with strength, grace, and peace.

11 North Washington Street, Suite 600
Rockville, MD 20850
United States of America

Twitter: @MetaCancer
Facebook: The MetaCancer Foundation
YouTube: The MetaCancer Foundation

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (MBCN – USA)

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network is an independent non-profit patient advocacy group. They are dedicated to the concerns of men and women who are living with metastatic breast cancer. MBCN advocates for awareness and education to give metastatic breast cancer patients a greater voice by informing the public, patients and politicians about the metastatic experience.

P.O. Box 1449
New York, NY 10159
United States of America
Phone: 1-888-500-0370

Twitter: @MBCNbuzz
Facebook: Metastatic Breast Cancer Network
YouTube: Metastatic Breask Cancer Network