Mesothelioma Blogs

Asbestos – Living with Mesothelioma in Australia

Louise Williams was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in October 2003, despite having never worked with asbestos products. She remains well in September 2016.


Dave was diagnosed with mesothelioma in November 2015. They had a great support form Dave and his wife Ali’s families, friends and co-workers. He had Asbestos Victim support charity visit them. He writes about their feeling, physical reaction after his left lung removal.

Doing Something Positive

On June 16, 2009, Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma – An aggressive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, for which there is no known cure at present. This blog is her record their feelings, their actions and the outcome of their attempts to deal with this disease.

Fibre aware

This site is dedicated to Deidre’s husband Thomas who died of Pleural Mesothelioma in June 1997. Because of her husband’s experience and with hind-sight, she now believes there were earlier warning signs. If she had known what she now knows, she is sure Thom could have been diagnosed earlier. There will be many people as yet undiagnosed who may be able to be helped. It is a wonderful written blog in the memory of Thomas. Deidre put lots more stories from other people who have been affected by asbestos.

Heather Von St.James

In 2005, at the age of 36, and only three months after giving birth to Heather’s beautiful daughter, she was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. She was given just 15 months to live. Today, she is an eight-year mesothelioma cancer survivor and has made it her mission to help other mesothelioma victims around the globe. She shares her personal story to help spread hope and awareness for others going through this, in hopes that one day no one else will have to.

Mesothelioma and Me

This blogger’s name is Debbie Brewer, and in September 2006, she had a future. All that changed on November 13, 2006 when she was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a lung cancer that is almost always contracted through exposure to asbestos. Her blog chronicles her life with cancer.

The is dedicated to serving mesothelioma victims and their families. The blog is written by a number of contributors who write about their personal battles with mesothelioma, healthcare issues and advocacy, among other topics.

Mesothelioma – Jan’s Journey

This is her journey through treatments for Mesothelioma and daily life. She hopes you can share the frustration, laughter and tears with her through this battle of living with mesothelioma.

A Meshothelioma Journal – Living with a Mesothelioma Diagnosis

In October 2010, her 47 year old partner was diagnosed with mesothelioma and their lives were changed for ever. This is a journal of their attempt to live as a normal couple even with this terrible disease.

Our Mesothelioma Journey

Claire Cowley is 38 years old, married to Paul (36) and they have a 3 year old little boy called Ethan. Paul was diagnosed with Mesothelioma (a form of lung cancer mainly caused by exposure to asbestos) in October 2012. This is their Journey.


Linda had only small amounts of fluid in her right chest which had caused some pain and breathlessness over 4 years. She was diagnosed with mesothelioma in February 2014. She can’t really believe that she has this nasty disease as she has no significant exposure to asbestos. The best they can see from her life history is that she worked in a dry cleaning store in the early 1970’s and all of the pipe work associated with the steam presses was lagged with asbestos.

Rayandmave’s Blog – Mavi’s Fight with Mesothelioma

Mavis was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in May 2009. She had worked in the industry in 1961 and her father worked in shipyards all her childhood life, then the fibres can be inhaled from simply having washing hanging out to dry or the dust in your hair. All it takes ONE lung full of Air, to sit silently for decades before it surfaces. They write about her diagnosis, treatments and awareness.