Lung Cancer Blogs

A Blogger and a Father

Oren Miller found out he had a Stage 4 lung cancer in May, 2014. He started writing this blog in 2007 talking about modern fatherhood and featuring the voice of involve, active dads.

A Lil Lytnin’ Strikes Lung Cancer

Tori Tamalia is a mom of six year old boy and three year old twin girls and married. She is a cancer survivor of childhood osteogenic sarcoma. The current battle is stage 4 lung cancer at age 37.

Aquiarius vs Cancer

Kim Wieneke is living in Portland, Oregon. She was diagnosed with Stage 3b lung cancer on May 11, 2011 at age 34. On September 14, 2011 she learned that her cancer spread. It is now considered incurable. Each day, she gets better at “living with a terminal illness”. This blog is her story for friends, family, and travelers.

BAC (Lung Cancer) Jerrold

Former football player and never smoker who beat stage 4 BAC (lung cancer) and survived a bi-lateral lung transplant at Stanford University March 2007. His goal is that through his experience ( the good the bad and the down right ugly) he will be able to help someone that might find themselves in similar predicament. The format for this blog will center on his medical condition (treatments, feelings, diet, exercise, medical myths, and medical mistakes….).

The Canadian Lung Association Blog

The Canadian Lung Association (CLA) is a national organization and volunteer-based health charity, The Lung Association depends on donations from the public to support lung health research, education, prevention and advocacy. The CLA’s mission is to improve the lung health of all Canadians. The blogs are related to lung diseases patients’ experience, educational, and prevention.

Cancer….an unexpected journey

Luna was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer in December 2012. This blog is Luna’s fears, cheers, and thoughts about living with lung cancer.

celpeggy ~ Humor: CO-1686 and Cancer Musings

When Celia moved to the US from the Philippines in 1968 with little more than a civil engineering degree and $300 in her pocket, she was told she’d never make it as an engineer. At the time, engineering was a male-dominated profession. – Celia became the first registered Asian professional engineer in New Mexico. In the company grew into a full-service engineering and environmental consulting firm. She retired in 2008. In 2012, she was diagnosed adenocarcinoma Stage4 non-small cell lung cancer.

The Climb

Velda is a mother of four children who lives in Ontario, Canada. She was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer with metastases to the brain and bones on September 25, 2009. Currently nearly 5 years since her diagnoses.

Dann’s Cancer Chronicles

Dann is a Stage 4 lung cancer survivor on his second go-around since 2006, and statistically his odds are not good. He is whipping those odds, and he has a very strong feeling about the reasons. Here is his original blog.

the dude is the dad…..

This blogger is 51 years old and has 3 amazing daughters. He is battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer, and his blog is the journal of his journey.

Emily Bennett Taylor

Emily at 28 years old, the former college volleyball player and lifelong non-smoker was diagnosed with lung cancer on June 28, 2012. Along with her husband Miles and her parents and friends, she treats cancer like an opponent on the volleyball court.

Encouraging Growth – Bailey Heard

Bailey met her husband, Andrew in 2005. Andrew had a history of Hodgkin lymphoma when he was 18.He received cancer treatment, where he endured six months of chemotherapy and two months of radiation, then he went into remission. He had warned of a possible second cancer to Bailey. A year after their daughter Ellie was born, Andrew started having a lot of trouble breathing. They found out Andrew had stage 4 squamous cell lung cancer. One way, She has been trying to use a terrible situation to create purpose and meaning in their lives is by sharing their story, challenges and inspiration through her blog.

Every Breath I Take

Lisa Goldman is a 41 year old mother and wife. She was diagnosed advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLD), Adenocarcinoma in January 2014. Her children are 8 and 11. She has never smoked. In fact, she is something of a health nut and she was seemingly very fit. Why she blogs? Awareness is the first step. When we know better, we can do better. She hopes and prayer is that her blog can help raise awareness that lung cancer can strike anyone with lungs; that someone, somewhere will have come across her blog and recognize their (or their patients’) symptom a little earlier; and that research funding will eventually increase.

Faith, Family & Friends

Lysa was a healthy, active very busy 40year old mom, wife and daughter, and lung cancer nowhere on her radar. She was diagnosed with stage lV adenocarcinoma with mets to her bones in September 2011. She is still battling her cancer, and blogs about everything from cancer treatments to her family, all with a positive attitude.

FROM LIZZIE’S LUNGS – Fighting lung cancer one day at a time

Elizabeth was diagnosed on April 21, 2015 with non-small cell lung cancer at age of 26. She moved from Alberta to Ontario, received 3 rounds of chemotherapy, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She passed away in February of 2017.

Gray Connections

Janet Freeman-Daily was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in May 2011. She never smoked anything. The cancer became metastatic in October 2011. She relies on clinical trial drugs to keep her alive. In the time she has left, she wants to use her skills to help others who have lung cancer, and increase the visibility and knowledge of lung cancer among those who don’t.

The Insightful Breath

This blogger is a wife, mother, lung cancer survivor and advocate committed to living life fearlessly.

Keeping my Faith – Living with Stage IV Lung Cancer

Samantha Mixon was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer over Thanksgiving 2012. She has decided to document her journey for her friends, family and most of all, her sweet daughter Karley.

Life and breath: outliving lung cancer

Linnea Duff has advanced lung cancer. The fact that she continues to survive has given her the opportunity to be a voice for lung cancer, and she felt a blog would be an excellent medium in which to tell her story.


In December 2013, 39 year old healthy non-smoker, Molly was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Her husband Arash wanted to write a blog about life instead of writing a blog about cancer. He calls it the non-cancer, cancer blog. Since Molly passed away in early 2017, he continues to blog about life and fatherhood after losing his wife.

lizzy… outliving the bastards one day at a time – “breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness that lovely, mysterious, and awesome space.”

Lizzy was diagnosed lung cancer in 2006. Lots of beautiful photos that she took.

Lung Cancer Alliance – blog

Founded in 1995, the Lung Cancer Alliance in US is the oldest non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and advancing research by empowering those living with and at risk for lung cancer. Their blog is written by guest bloggers and Lung Cancer Alliance staff and volunteers.

Lung Cancer Life

This is a journal about the Canadian blogger who is surviving from lung cancer – not only the negative issues, but emphasis on many positive aspects.

my so called life with cancer

This blogger was diagnosed with Stage 3A lung cancer when she was 48 years old, in December 2018. She just recently finished cancer treatments.

The New Normal

This blog is a series of short essays about this blogger’s experience of living on maintenance chemotherapy for locally advanced lung cancer.


Burton was a 23 year old student who graduated from the Harvard GDS and he was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC. Burton’s girlfriend, Emily wrote this blog sharing their lives dealing with lung cancer and emotions.

Ruth’s Medical-logical Meanderings

Diagnosed at 44, never-smoker, runner, health-nut, diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer. She passed away in June of 2014.

Stage IV

Jessica Rice was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of 30 in November 2011. She had never smoked and has no family history of the illness. As she wrote the first posts, she felt some of the burden lifting from her shoulders. Most of the time, she just told her story and hoped to make readers laugh more than they cry. She passed away in April 2014.

These Are My Scars

Anne Marie is a 9-year lung cancer survivor who wants to use her experience to help others who are living with a diagnosis. She was diagnosed in 2009 at the age of 30, and underwent chemo, radiation, and surgery. She experienced a recurrence, and turned to clinical trials. Since then, she is living a very full life with metastatic disease. She uses this blog to share personal experiences, but it also serves as a resource for others who want to advocate for themselves and their loved ones.

Thriving with Lung Cancer

Beth Stroud was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in January 2013. She is thriving on a medication that didn’t even exist three years ago. She is using this blog to share some of what she has learned and, she hopes, to educate and inspire others.

Through the Valley

Jill is a religious wife and mother. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2013. She wants to use this blog to communicate with all the supportive people that care about her. She says: “We are so grateful for the amazing people who are surrounding us, helping us, praying for us, cheering us on and walking with us – whether from near or far.”

Young Lungs

Kathy’s husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with stage lV lung cancer in November 2013 at the age of 42. His cancer is the result of a genetic mutation, ALK positive. Like many young families managing a lung cancer diagnosis they have found themselves on a journey unlike anything they could have imagined, let alone planned for.