Kidney Cancer Blogs


Apple’s Gold

Dennis Hildebrand is 55 years old, happily married. On the blog, he talks about his life experiences with drug and alcohol addiction, surviving kidney cancer, gaining and losing weight, the drug “interferon”, and AAPL stock.

Chris Battle

Chris Battle was diagnosed with kidney cancer in March 2009. After surgery he was told he was cured … until he wasn’t; the cancer spread to his lungs in November. This blog chronicles his life and battle with cancer.

Diary of a Fadman

Michael was a 42 year old happily married father of 2 whose life was turned upside down in 2012 when he was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Michael wrote, “This blog is an attempt to document my journey, month by month, to give hope to others newly diagnosed and to say Cancer shouldn’t dominate your life, you can still have a laugh and experience beautiful moments regardless of the Big C.

e – Patient Dave – A voice of patient engagement

“e-Patient Dave” deBronkart was a high-tech marketing executive who has studied technological change (and how people deal with it) for years. He was diagnosed in January 2007 with Stage 4 renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) at very late stage. His median survival time at diagnosis was just 24 weeks; with tumors in lungs, several bones, and muscle tissue, his prognosis was “grim,” as one website described it. Today, he is cancer survivor who is an international keynote speaker on healthcare.

Kidney Cancer Canada Blog

This blog was created by Kidney Cancer Canada to share advocacy issues that affect kidney cancer patients across Canada. Posts are related to information from various conferences, research updates and news surrounding kidney cancer.


Suzy Smith is a five year survivor of renal cell carcinoma, clear type, (kidney cancer) having been diagnosed in September 2008 at age of 33. She is also disabled due to the after effects of the cancer, as well as earlier congenital bone and muscle issues. She has other chronic illnesses the majority of which were diagnosed in 2006. All of them are under control and she does not allow them to take over her life.

My Husband’s Cancer

This website was developed for all who have been affected by cancer in any way. The author’s husband has kidney cancer, and she shares useful information about how to deal it.


An Unfashionable Cancer

Debbie began her blog “An Unfashionable Cancer” following kidney cancer in March 2013. She took notes of what was happening when she was taken ill to try and make sense of it all. Her kidney cancer story is told retrospectively and the road to recovery continues.