Childhood Cancer Blogs

Ben Fights Leukemia

Ben was six years old when he was diagnosed pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in May 2007. They are writing from his diagnosis, treatment, remission and their life. Ben is a true fighter and he and his family give us inspiration.


Cancer, Life, & Me

Chris Rodriguez is married to a lovely lady and have an awesome daughter. He is a survivor of childhood cancer. In April ’09, he stopped working due to medical illness. He was diagnosed with cancer at age 7, and has since had radiation, chemotherapy and spinal surgeries. Although He is now cancer free, but he is dealing with daily health complications.


Brandon and Erin have two daughters. In July 2012, they found a mass in an older daughter Mykayla’s chest. Mykayla was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, at only seven years old. Mykayla was approved to use medical cannabis ten days post diagnosis. Her parents began using whole cannabis extract oil that very day. Brandon wrote; “Finding the correct dosage was very difficult at first; even the recommended “grain of rice” dose delivered a very strong psychoactive effect. Cannabis truly saved Mykayla from so much pain and sickness, both emotionally and physically.” This blog is mainly about Cannabis and his thoughts about it.

Change of Perspective

Serena Bonneville from BC, Canada who was diagnosed with Leukemia (ALL) in 2013 at age of 17. This blog is her attempt to document the unpredictable journey that is her life.

Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation

This blog by Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC). Founded in 1987, CCC is the country’s leading Foundation dedicated entirely to the fight against childhood cancer.

Chrissy’s Alliance (Facebook)

Chrissy is 8 years old who was diagnosed with very rare form of breast cancer only seen 1 in 1,000,000 called secretory breast carcinoma in November 2015. Her family created a Facebook page, “Chrissy’s Alliance” to document her illness, and now her recovery.

Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation blog

Coast to Caost Against Cancer Foundation is a Canadian organization that creates a series of high quality, physically challenging, national and regional events to raise needed funding for worthy childhood cancer charities whose programs improve the survival rate and quality of life of children impacted by cancer.

Dad’s Diary – A Journey Through Twerphood

This is one father’s story of his daughter’s battle with neuroblastoma. His daughter was diagnosed at age two and is now in remission.


Emily’s Blog

Emily was diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma at age of 6 in March 2008. Emily had an ear infection and fever was not going away. Her dad, Chris decided to take her into urgent care because she was starting to have trouble breathing. Emily had a completely collapsed lung. Now, Emily is 4+ years of full remission.


Kari and Tom’s daughter Emily was diagnosed with standard risk pre-b acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in May 2010, just a few weeks after her 5th birthday. She was enrolled into a phase l clinical trial that was highly experimental. She fought cancer three times.

Eric’s Journey

Eric was 17 years old, 6 feet 4, attending Salem Hills High school, honor roll student, and playing of the Varsity High school basketball team for Salem Hills. In November 2011, his school trainer suggested that he needed to go to a physical therapist, to help with the swelling in his shin. January 2011, he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.

Floppy Hat Faye

Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in April 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. In September 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. Faye has begun her 4 to 6 months long treatment in the hospital. A lot for a seven year old fighter to take on….even with Mom, Dad, and 3 brothers at her side.

Hans Journey – through Neuroblastoma and Relapsed Neuroblastoma

Han was diagnosed with Stage lV, Neuroblastoma at age of 3 in October 2006. In September, 2012, Hans completed his fight against Neuroblastoma for nearly six years, he transformed into an angel.

Haven: Neuroblastoma Cancer and ROHHAD Syndrome

Haven was a normal healthy girl at age of two. Then, in one month she gained 25 pounds and kept gaining. After her 3rd birthday her parents noticed her eye turned out. She had MRI a few times but they couldn’t figure it out. In 2007, Haven was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer and ROHHAD Syndrome.


Journal of Adrian

Adrian Au lives in Toronto, Ontario. When Au family went to Hong Kong, Adrian got sick and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in February 2007 at age of 10 months. The original planned 2 weeks’ vacation turned out to be a 2 ½ years stay in Hong Kong.

Kicking Cancer’s Arse

Hayley lives in Essex, England. She was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx when she was 18 years old. She is not only beautiful, she has very brave and very positive attitude. She wrote in the latest blog who made it to five whole years in remission.

Kisses For Cami

After 2&1/2 years of Chemotherapy, they thought Cami’s battle was over, but that her leukemia has returned. Her fight for her life isn’t over. Come here for updates, inspiration & to share your love with Cami as she kisses cancer goodbye forever!

La Gentiane

La Gentiane is a place where people help each other to deal with the grief of losing a loved one. The content of this site is there to help you get information, to let you express yourself, or simply to recharge. (in French only)


In May 2006, they lost Matt, Liam’s Dad after a courageous battle with a brain tumour, he was 34 years old. In April 2008, they go the devastating news that 7 years old Liam had an extremely rare form of cancer in his sinus cavity.

Little Air Bear

In June 2010, “Little Air Bear”, Erin was diagnosed with Childhood Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Type M7 at age of only two. After enduring 146 days at Primary Children’s Hospital, Erin is now in remission and living a full life at home with their family. Her strong will and constant happy smile is an inspiration to them and us all.

The Matthews’ Story

The Matthews’ son Ezra was only 13 months old when a neuroblastoma tumour was found above his kidney. Although Ezra has since passed on, the Matthews continue to blog to raise awareness for children with neuroblastoma.

Mazz’s Family Blog

This blog chronicles the journey of Alexandria, a child who was diagnosed with cancer at age four.

My Family Has Cancer x2

In January of 2011, Mike’s wife Kezia was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 3b. His daughter, Saoirse, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, stage 4 High Risk on May 5, 2011. She was only 18 months old when she passed away. Mike is in the process of starting a foundation to raise funds for neuroblastoma and using his blog to help.

Nick Lynch

In May 2006, Nick was diagnosed with Stage 3 Neuroblastoma which is a rare and serious childhood cancer at age of 8. One month later, he was re-diagnosed as Stage 4. His symptoms were a low grade fever and a tummy ache. All Nick’s test results have been No Evidence of Disease since September 2006. Now, they have been meeting with the Long Term Survival Team every summer.


6 years old, Delaney had ear pain and the bottom of her ear was really swollen in February 2013. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Her Dad, Tom writes this blog, her Mom is a nurse and she has three sisters.

Pray for Natasha

Natasha is a bright and brilliant 11-year old girl who live in Alberta, Canada with a gift for connecting with people. Since her diagnosis with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG) – a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor. – she has been bravely and adeptly blogging about her experience.


RACHEL’S CANCER JOURNEY – What I go through daily in my life as a teenage cancer patient!

In August 2012, Rachel was diagnosed with brain-stem cancer at age of 17. This is very rare type of cancer; only 200 children are diagnosed with it each year in the US. There have been a few patients older than Rachel but it is very few.

Riding the Cancer Coaster: Survival Guide for Teens

Clarissa is a two- time Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor, and now she is 20 years old. She was diagnosed the first time at 2 1/2 years old, went through treatment, and survived. Her cancer relapsed 10 years later when she was 13 years old. She wants to provide as much support and guidance to other teens with cancer as she can with this blog.

Steven Battles Cancer

Steven was nine years old when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February 2011. His knee was amputated in a procedure known as Van Ness Rotationplasty. Steven’s Mom, Sonja writes this blog about dealing with their hard time. In November, their fifth baby was stillborn the week before she was scheduled to deliver. Also, Sonja’s sister is currently battling stage IV melanoma.


3 kids, a Mini Van and a Mortgage

Kate’s daughter, Lucy was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer on February 23, 2011. Five years old Lucy had a total of 3 tumors in her brain, one in her spinal column and a sugar-dusting of tiny tumors up and down her spine. They are so thankful for how far Lucy has come and they know that each day bring them one step closer to the 5 year remission mark.

Tristan, Bonce Cancer got Nothing on “U”

Tristan is 10 years old & was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (Bone Cancer) in the Right Calcaneus (heel bone) on March 2012. Treatment is aggressive 1 year of Chemo and had a leg amputation on July 2012. He is a fighter and a hero! They update on their Facebook often.



4 year old Zofeya is diagnosed with medulloblastoma in July 2013. Around 6 months ago they noticed that Zofeya started falling over more than she used to. They thought she was a little dreamy and not paying attention. Around 3-4 weeks ago the problem with balance and co-ordination became a lot more visible.