Life with Breast Cancer

In Canada, an estimated 60 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day and 25,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed with the disease in 2015 (Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Cancer Statistics 2015). Although these statistics are staggering, this means that you are far from alone – even though you may feel like it. Many women are currently amid the same journey you’re experiencing; either being recently diagnosed, or just starting treatment, or on the road to survivorship.

This section may help you or your loved one at any point of your journey – you do not have to be cancer-free to benefit from this section. In this instance, you are a survivor.

Life with Breast Cancer includes information that can improve breast cancer you or your loved one’s quality of life during their breast cancer journey, including  tips for living well with breast cancer such as nutrition, exercise and recommendations, as well as LBGTQ+ information and resources. We have also included information and resources which may be helpful to caregivers.


Living Well
LGBTQ+ Information