Treatment Options

There are several available treatments for brain cancer, but the treatment(s) most appropriate for you will depend on your cancer’s size, type, location, and whether it is primary or metastatic. Other factors include your age and health status.


Surgery is the most common treatment for brain cancer. Sometimes, it may only be possible to remove a part of the tumour due to its location. Surgery may be rendered impossible if the tumour is in a sensitive or inaccessible location, in which case this tumour is referred to as “inoperable”.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

Chemotherapy drugs can be administered orally or through an IV to destroy brain cancer cells and shrink the tumours. Radiation therapy can destroy tumour tissue that cannot be surgically removed. These treatments may sometimes be used in conjunction.

Biologic drugs

Some drugs may be prescribed to boost or restore your body’s natural defenses against cancer. For example, some drugs can work to stop the growth of blood vessels that supply tumours, effectively killing the tumour by preventing it from getting the nutrients needed to grow.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are typically used as treatment in cases where the brain cancer is not responding to other treatments. Find one here.


Information taken from Healthline.