International Bone Cancer Organizations

Primary bone cancer starts in the cells of your bones. Primary bone cancer is rare and is not the same disease as cancer that started somewhere else in the body and spread to the bones (called secondary bone cancer, or bone metastases – Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia).

For additional information on bone cancer, please go to the Canadian Cancer Society Cancer Encyclopedia.

The US National Cancer Institute also provides an overview of bone cancer.

The Bone and Cancer Foundation (USA)

The Bone and Cancer Foundation provides information for cancer patients and family members on the causes and treatment of cancer involving bone; it also provides information for physicians, nurses and other health professionals on the treatment of bone cancer and advocates for increased government and private sector funding for research on cancer that involves the bone and related research areas as well.

Bone and Cancer Foundation
PO Box 287452
New York, NY

Bone Cancer Research Trust (UK)

The Bone Cancer Research Trust focuses primarily on funding research to advance the detection and improve the treatment of bone cancer. The Trust also works on raising awareness, offering support and educating the public through their website, leaflets, newsletters, an annual awareness week and an annual conference.

Bone Cancer Research Trust
10 Feast Field
LS18 4TJ
Tel: 0113.258.5934
Fax: 0113.258.7145
Twitter: @BCRT
Facebook: Bone Cancer Research Trust
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