Bone Cancer Blogs

A Blog about Beating Ewing’s Sarcoma, Life with Cancer and My Odd Odd Self

Jordan Schaefer, 26 year-old, live in Grand Rapids, MI and he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in October 2011. He hopes you will get to learn a little about cancer, a little about him and a lot about life.

Cancer is hilarious

Kaylin Andres was a fashion designer and writer diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. This blog documents her cancer journey in the hopes ‘to provide inspiration for other twenty-somethings who refuse to go the way of headscarves and hospital gowns’. She passed away in late 2016.


Benjamin Rubenstein was a happy-go-lucky 16-year-old in the Washington DC suburbs when his hip began to hurt. He found out fast the pain was coming from a rare form of cancer-Ewing’s sarcoma-that attacks growing boys. Ben won his first battle with cancer. When he was in the University of Virginia, he had the most common of blood tests-Complete Blood Count-change everything. It showed that his bone marrow was dying without his even knowing it. Ben was ready for going to battle and survived cancer, twice.

Chemo Between Classes – Advice for dealing with cancer and college

Katie was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma her freshman year of college. Now that she is well past the chemo and confusion that goes along with it this blog is her attempt to help those who are currently undergoing cancer treatment to figure out how to live with cancer during college.

Cooking and Cancer

Emily started this blog to raise awareness of the rare bone cancer Osteosarcoma in young people. She was diagnosed in November 2013 at age of 17. She is studying catering at East Kent College. She has always enjoyed cooking and writing about it helped keep her going.

Coping with the BIG C (that’s cancer to you and me)

Her name is Becki McGuinness. At the age of 18 she got a benign tumour and then osteosarcoma at the age of 21. When she was 25, she performed at the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Paralympics as a wheelchair dancer and had a partner who was a skater. Her blog is about her personal experience with bone cancer, tips, advice and life in general. She also updates her Facebook.

The C Word

In November 2012 at the age of 22 Crystal was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Within a matter of weeks she had to leave her job as an elementary school teacher and begin life as a full-time cancer patient. This is essentially her online diary where she details the events on her road to survivorship.

Information on Jonathan

Jonathan is married with Becky and they have 4 and 2 years old sons. In July 2014, Jonathan was diagnosed with stage 2B Osteosarcoma. He passed away in April 2016, but Becky is updating this blog and discussing what life is like after the loss of a spouse.

Pimp My Wig

Cancer took my ‘fro so I got a new one.

Rebecca was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in September 2011 at age of 23. She decided to write blog about her new wigs, hairstyles, scarves, etc. She shows the world the various things you can do to head that has no hair.

Steven Battles Cancer

Steven was nine years old when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in February 2011. His knee was amputated in a procedure known as Van Ness Rotationplasty. Steven’s Mom, Sonja, writes this blog about dealing with their hard time.

Through the looking glass… and What Alice Found There

When Alice was 27, she diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She was pregnant but the cancer had started to spread a little. So, they decided to go for radiotherapy at 16 weeks to stop it spreading, then chemotherapy after their precious baby was born.

Tristan, Bone Cancer got Nothing on “U”

Tristan is 10 years old & was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma (Bone Cancer) in the Right Calcaneus (heel bone) on March 2012. Treatment is aggressive 1 year of Chemo and had a leg amputation on July 2012. He is a fighter and a hero! They update on their Facebook often.