Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies designed to test the effectiveness of new medical approaches. Each study aims to find a better way to prevent, screen for, diagnose, or treat a disease. Participation in a clinical trial can help researchers answer crucial questions that will contribute to the development of future treatments. Clinical trials also provide you with another option in your treatment plan. However, it is important to still consider the risks and benefits of a clinical trial.

In some cases, the treatment may be more effective than other options, and allow the patient to contribute to medical research. On the other hand, the treatment may not be effective, and it may have unknown risks.

Your eligibility for a clinical trial will depend on your type and stage of bladder cancer, as well as any previous treatment you have received. If you find a clinical trial of interest to you, talk to your healthcare team to discuss it in more detail.

For more information on clinical trials, and to find one suitable for you, we invite you to consult the sites below. – A database of publicly and privately funded clinical trials being conducted around the world.

Canadian Cancer Trials – A resource enabling you to search for a cancer clinical trial suitable to you in Canada.

Health Canada’s Clinical Trial Database – An official database of Canadian clinical trials, curated by Health Canada.

CRI Clinical Trial Finder – A tool designed to help patients find immunotherapy clinical trials that may be suitable for them.



Information taken from Bladder Cancer Canada.