Treatment of Bladder Cancer

There are several different treatment options available for bladder cancer. Your healthcare team will create a personalized treatment plan for you, based on your specific case. They will take into consideration your health, as well as many other details about your cancer. Some of the important factors which will be taken into consideration include:

If you have bladder cancer, your healthcare team will create a treatment plan just for you. It will be based on your health and specific information about the cancer. When deciding which treatments to offer for bladder cancer, your healthcare team will consider:

  • The stage of your cancer (see Staging)
  • The grade of your cancer
    • Low-grade means that the cancer is unlikely to grow and spread to other areas, while high-grade means the cancer is aggressive and likely to grow and spread.
  • Your risk group
  • Any medical problems you have
  • Your own personal preference

It is important to remember that the final choice will always be up to you. We recommend reading up on the various treatment options being offered to you, in order to choose the one that is most appropriate for you and your lifestyle.


Treatment Options

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Information taken from Canadian Cancer Society.