Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer, your medical team has likely explained the extent of your disease. But, you may feel like you have more questions than answers. All the feelings you are experiencing are very normal. After all, the word “cancer” has a way of scaring you. Remember that your loved ones are probably also frightened – you are on this journey together (1).

Diagnosis is the process of finding out the cause of a health problem. A bladder cancer diagnosis will typically begin with a visit to your doctor, perhaps after you’ve experienced some abnormal symptoms, such as blood in your urine. Your doctor will assess symptoms and your physical condition. If need be, your doctor may refer you to a specialist or order the necessary tests.

The diagnosis process may seem long and frustrating, and it is normal to be worried. However, it may be helpful to remember that many other health conditions can cause symptoms similar to those of bladder cancer, and these conditions are far more common. It is important for all other options to be ruled out before a bladder cancer diagnosis is given.

Read more in the sections below to learn about bladder cancer screening, how it is diagnosed, and staging. We hope this can help answer some of your questions.






Information taken from Canadian Cancer Society unless otherwise indicated.

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