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a fresh chapter

Terri lives in Vancouver, BC. In 2009, a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 30 changed everything for her. Terri Wingham, founder of the Fresh Chapter Alliance Foundation, struggled with a lack of support when she walked out the hospital on her final day of treatment. She decided to volunteer for six weeks in Africa that she found a sense of purpose and optimism in her life again. She saw an opportunity turn her new found passion into an organization that provides a fresh forum for addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of cancer.

After Twenty Years Cancer Research Blog  – Exploring progress in cancer research, care and prevention

Lisa is a health advocate who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993 at age 35. This website/blog is about living well after a cancer diagnosis and keeping up with progress in research to one day end cancer.

Alberta Cancer Foundation Blog

This is the Alberta Cancer Foundation blog who is to make Alberta the leader in cancer prevention research and care.

ashley hackshaw AKA LIL BLUE BOO

Ashley wrote about herself in this blog, “ First of all, don’t be fooled by all pretty pictures you see on my blog…my life is far from perfect.” She struggled with a lot of things in her 20s. She had severe anxiety and panic attacks. She struggled with ADHD and social anxiety for almost 20+ years. She has lived through years of eating disorders and alcohol abuse, and she has had cancer…. In OCT 2011, Ashley’s molar pregnancy has turned into an invasive growth in her uterus. It’s spread to 9 areas on her lungs, and one on her liver that was diagnosed with choriocarcinoma.

Being Cancer Network

Being Cancer Network is a comprehensive list of blogs by type of cancer. The site provides an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and to dialogue and share.

Blogue du centre de documentation pour les personnes atteintes du cancer

Among other things, this blog is an off-shoot of the Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (CICL) in Laval, Quebec. The posts from medical, social and local issues relating to cancer: the blog is meant to compliment the Center’s website. (in French only)

Blog for a Cure

This site contains links to over 6,699 cancer blogs about all types of cancer. You can search for blogs by type of cancer, stage of cancer and location.


Butch’s family live on the edge of a small village on the prairies in Saskatchewan, Canada. His wife of 18 years passed away in Jan 2015 from her battle with a rare form of Stage 4, Lung Cancer, she was just 41 years old. They have a 13 years old son who had a brain tumor removed in January 2013.

Cancer Compass – Discussion Board

They created CancerCompass website because they are excited about all of the information and interaction that the web can offer people who have been touched by cancer. They have sections about Cancer News, Message Board, Blog and Resources.

Cancer Fight Club – Blog and Forum

Cancer Fight Club is a Hope & Cope initiative led by Scott Adams, Exercise Physiologist & Young Adult Program Coordinator. His team, made up of committed young adult cancer community members (fighters, survivors, supporters and professionals) from across Montreal and Quebec (Canada), has helped build this site of information and support, open to anyone touched by a young adult cancer diagnosis.

CANCER GIRL SMILES – Today I decide to live!

Sabrina lives in Toronto, ON and is currently 33 years old and has been battling cancer for 30 years! She’s a five-time cancer survivor and now she’s faced with metastatic disease that makes it six times. She has battled this grueling illness as a child, teenager, and young adult. She has so much to say on the subject and shares her journey with courage to other young adults affected by cancer.

The Cancer Husband’s Blog

Kieran’s wife Joanne was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Stage 3 breast cancer in 2016. She underwent chemotherapy but unfortunately had a recurrence in 2018. She passed away in January of 2019. This blog documents his journey with cancer – from the diagnosis turning his life upside-down, to his wife’s death, and now widowhood.

Cancer, Life, & Me

Chris Rodriguez is married to a lovely lady and have an awesome daughter. He is a survivor of childhood cancer. In April ’09, he stopped working due to medical illness. He was diagnosed with cancer at age 7, and has since had radiation, chemotherapy and spinal surgeries. Although He is now cancer free, but he is dealing with daily health complications.


In November of 2014, Matthew was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and he is still in treatments as he writes this blog. He began art journaling as a way to cope and began drawing himself and owl, thus Cancer Owl was born. He also works as a therapist, which lately is made interesting by his “chemo brain”!

Cancer Rehab Canada blog

More People are surviving cancer than ever before! Although this is wonderful news, many cancer survivors have impairments as a result of the cancer treatment they have received. Cancer Rehab Canada is a blog about helping cancer survivors to feel better, stronger and happier while regaining control of their lives.

CHRIS’S CANCER COMMUNITY – Supporting People Living with Cancer

In July 2007, Chris began to feel extremely tired. His tonsils had swollen and he was not sleeping properly. He had an operation to remove his tonsils and adenoids and felt a whole lot better, but they informed him that they had done a biopsy on his tonsils and discovered that he had Stage lV Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Now, he is using his personal experience and business skills to help connect people who are affected by cancer, to help remove the feeling of isolation. CHRIS’S CANCER COMMUNITY offers personal support and signpost where necessary.

David’s Cancer Videoblog

Videoblog of a cancer journey – from diagnosis on.

Determined to Cure (D2C)

Madeleine Moore is ANU/International Relations student and Founder/CEO of cancer awareness network “Determined to Cure”. She created D2C after two close family friends died of cancer within three months of each other. At the same time, two other friends were battling cancer. This is her way of honouring their memories and helping fight the battle against cancer.

Dr. Len’s Cancer Blog

Dr. Lichtenfeld is Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the national office of the American Cancer Society. He provides expert perspective, insight and discussion on the American Cancer Society’s web page.

Dr. Wendy Harpham – On Healthy Survivorship

Dr. Harpham opened a solo practice at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas where she combined modern technology with old-fashioned caring. In 1990, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma at age of 36. When on-going illness forced her to retire from clinical medicine in 1993, she turned to writing as a way to continue to educate, comfort and inspire patients. Her life mission is “Helping Others Through the Synergy of Science and Caring.” From her dual perspective as a physician and a 20-year cancer survivor, she devotes each blog post to a medical, practical, emotional and / or social issue of survivorship.

Entering a World of Pink – a male breast cancer blog

Oliver is cancer researcher and survivor, born in Germany, educated in England and now in the US for more than 20 years. When he thinks back over the last few weeks, he feels slightly foolish for ignoring the lump for so long. “Let’s just be honest – it is not the kind of cancer men have.” Also, his wife is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at pretty much the same age on the same side. “So again, what are the odds?”

EPICentre – The lifestyle and cancer blog

The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study is one of the largest cohort studies in the world, with more than half a million participants recruited across 10 European countries and followed for almost 15 years. It is jointly coordinated by Imperial College London, UK and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, France. The EPICentre blog on lifestyle and cancer will endeavour to highlight new findings on lifestyle and cancer as they are reported, and discuss their implications.

Everything Changes

Kairol Rosenthal is a health care writer, blogger and patient diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 27. Her book Everything Changes: The Insider’s Guide to Cancer in Your 20s and 30s is the culmination of her five years of research with patients and health care professionals in the young adult cancer community.

Everything Hurts, and I’m Dying…Literally

A young mother, dying of metastatic bone cancer, shares her journey. Raising kids, battling cancer, facing death… Walk with her, as she navigates this dark valley.

Facing Cancer Together – Facing

Facing Cancer Together is a safe place to let it all out – ask get some advice, and join the conversation. ‘The Blogs’ section features blogs of all types – survivor stories, daily living with cancer and treatment options, to name a few. (bilingual)

Fight Like a Burt – Strength is the Only Choice

Shawn’s husband, Joe was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer at the end of 2012 at age of 36. Appendix Cancer affects 1 in a million people. And the type of cell Joe had was even rare. At the time their little boys were 8 and 5.

The Fight Like a Girl Club

The Fight Like A Girl Club was formed to provide a welcoming place where women (men are welcome, too!) battling cancer and other diseases, survivors, and loved ones can come together to share stories, experiences, hope, and encouragement with one another, a place where you can come to relax and devote time to yourself, a place where you feel accepted and cared about, a place to soothe your soul with meditations, poems, and inspirational quotes, to release your fears and anxieties through sharing and writing, to put your problems on the backburner while playing games and puzzeles, to request Prayer from others who truly care, a place to CLAIM YOUR POWER!

100 Resolutions

In July 2010, she went from being a 25-year-old-living-it-up-in-the-city to a role Stephanie Sliekers hadn’t even briefly imagined for herself: cancer patient. she began chemotherapy treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now, she is 29 years old and have already survived cancer. Since finishing treatment in 2011, she has been writing about her resolve to learn, grow, and take nothing for granted. She learned that each of us has encountered some upset, change in our path, life-altering event, existential crisis, that prompts our resolve to live with more compassion, appreciation and awareness. 100+ Resolutions is a record of that commitment that resides in all of us.

Lost in the Chaos – Random thoughts on life, motherhood, cancer and finding my way through it all….

Annie is married and has three beautiful daughters. She was diagnosed with Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST) in 2006.

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) brings everyone together to educate the world about male breast cancer. When diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24, Bret promised his surgeon that no man would ever feel alone when hearing the words, “You have breast cancer.” Cheri founded MBCC along with male breast cancer survivor Bret of Kansas City in 2013. MBCC shares stories from male breast cancer survivors all over the world.

Mommy Has Cancer

Joanna Montgomery gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and then five days later found out that the mass on her fallopian tube, discovered while she was giving birth, was an aggressive form of cancer. That was December 2011. Here we follow her incredible journey as she not only battles this disease but experiences all of the joys (and exhaustion) that new motherhood has to offer.

Mothers With Cancer – Raising Children, Fighting Cancer, Living Life!

They are twenty mothers with cancer. Some of them have been in remission for years; others are newly diagnosed, or battling a new recurrence. They write about diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, metastasis, mothering through treatment, survivorship, side effects, and more.

Mummy’s Star – Supporting Pregnancy Through Cancer and Beyond

The founder of Mummy’s Star, his wife, Mair was 22 weeks pregnant with their second child she discovered a lump in her left breast, and it was cancerous tumour in June 2012. She immediately began a course of chemotherapy. After Merlin’s birth in September 2012, Mair began chemotherapy again. Following her seventh chemotherapy session, they found out she had metastatic breast cancer.

My Story – My Battle with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP)

David is happily married to Tracey and has two beautiful girls. He enjoys outdoor life and his interests are caving, climbing, fishing and running…..just about anything outdoors. This blog is the story of his battle with a very rare cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP). Only two or three people in every million will develop this rare condition.


Greg is a double cancer survivor at the age of 33. He was diagnosed with a stage 4 Wilms’ tumour at the age of 7. Again, he was diagnosed with Dukes B bowel cancer at age of 30. He beats cancer again but he has struggled with the emotional effects this time round. He recently received his 2 year all clear and has decided that now is the time to follow his dreams and travel the world with the aim of inspiring those affected by cancer.


This is’s blog site that is designed to be a valuable tool for patients and members of public who are seeking dependable information related to cancer, treatments and services.

Online Community by Cancer Types – Macmillan Cancer Support

Online community groups of people who’ve been affected by the same type of cancer as you.

Our Cancer

“Our Cancer” is a group of people who were brought together by Leroy Sievers and his blog My Cancer. When Leroy passed away, My Cancer became “Our Cancer,” a community that lives with and fights the beast. Leroy’s wife, Laurie Singer Sievers continues to author Our Cancer on the Johns Hopkins Web site. Laurie’s toughest and most challenging assignment began in 2001 when her husband, Leroy was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer.


Palliverse is a place where:

  • Like-minded people involved in palliative care meet;
  • Ideas and issues related to palliative care are exchanged and discussed; and
  • Funding opportunities are explored and shared.

Parlons Cancer

A French community to share, discover and interact. Parlons Cancer is an online community for people with cancer, their family and their friends. (in French only)

The Patient Power Blog

Patient Power is based in Seattle with team members around the world. Patient Power was founded by two health communications pioneers, Andrew and Esther Schorr. Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia in 1996. By reaching out to other patients and connecting with doctors who specialize in his illness, he participated in a clinical trial. The blog are categorized by Care giving, Cancer, Chronic Pain and more.

Riding the Cancer Coaster: Survival Guide for Teens

Clarissa is a two- time Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor, and now she is 20 years old. She was diagnosed the first time at 2 1/2 years old, went through treatment, and survived. Her cancer relapsed 10 years later when she was 13 years old. She wants to provide as much support and guidance to other teens with cancer as she can with this blog.

Shades of Hope

Through real-life experiences, expert advice and stories of hope, the Shades of Hope blog aims to inform and inspire. This blog is made possible by Revlon Canada, who has long been committed to supporting issues of women’s health and continues to champion the fight against women’s cancers. Revlon has been a strong supporter of “Look Good Feel Better” since its introduction into Canada in 1992. Look Good Feel Better is Canada’s only charitable cancer program dedicated to empowering women to manage the effects that cancer and treatment can have on their appearance. Created from a belief that if a woman with cancer can be helped to look good, chances are she’ll feel better, her spirits will be lifted and she’ll be empowered to face her illness with greater confidence.

Stand Up To Cancer

This is where the end of cancer begins – Stand Up To Cancer’s (SU2C) mission is to raise funds to accelerate the pace of ground-breaking translational research that can get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. The various people wrote their blog site.

She is our Angel – Grief Blog

Kristen was diagnosed with cancer, for the third time. After fighting for almost 3 years Kristen was called home to that same God who gave her life. First, she was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) in February 1990 at the age of 3. Relapse ALL in November 1993 at age of 7. She was diagnosed with leukemia (AML) in September 2008 at the age of 22. Bone Marrow Transplant in February 2010. Relapse AML in June 2010.


Deborah J. Cornwall is an experienced advocate on behalf of cancer patients and their families, working with the Cancer Action Network, the legislative advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society. She is also the author of two books for cancer caregivers.

UHN blogs – Toronto General, Toronto Western, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Toronto Rehab

UHN (University Health Network) teams and departments maintain several blogs to help you keep up with the latest news in their areas, and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the hospital. Check out their blogs.

Uplift Blog by CaringBridge

That inaugural Caring Bridge website allowed people to easily get updates and offer support and encouragement. Word spread, and others began to request their own CaringBridge websites. In 2002, Caring Bridge became a non-profit organization providing support when it’s needed most. CaringBridge brings together personal stories and expert information to uplift, educate and inspire.

Voices of Survivors

The “Voices of Survivors Foundation” is devoted to exploring what ‘Survivorship’ means to the individual ‘Survivor’. Whether they are recently diagnosed, in-treatment or post-treatment, in a variety of documentary formats. Each and every ’voice’ shared can mean so much to so many and touch even more.

Well blog – The New York Times

Weekly blog for the cancer section of “Well” from New York Times. The latest on health, fitness and nutrition, plus exclusive commentary by Tara Parker-Pope.

Women with Cancer

Judy is a cancer patient, blogger, writer, optimist, Cancer Advocate and working for a better world, one word at a time. She said, “Please join me as I develop an on-line community that supports, empowers and motivates women with cancer.”

Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC)

Young Adult Cancer Canada (main office in Newfoundland and Labrador and Halifax office in Nova Scotia) was established in 2000 (originally as RealTime Cancer) by Geoff Eaton after his first cancer challenge. Geoff’s vision focused on educating and supporting young adults. They have links to a comprehensive list of blogs, community stories and etc.