Sleep Well Study with The Ottawa Hospital

The Psychosocial Oncology Program is asking you to participate in the Sleep Well Study.
Almost one third of patients who have completed cancer treatment  experience chronic insomnia, a condition associated with fatigue, cognitive difficulties, mood disturbance, and decreased quality of life.

What is the research goal?
To evaluate the effectiveness of an online treatment for insomnia.

What is involved?
Participants are asked to complete a brief interview (by phone or in
person), several online questionnaires, and a 6-week online program.

Who is eligible to participate?
Cancer patients (stage I-III) who have:
– completed cancer treatments (with the exception of hormone therapy)
– no current evidence of cancer
– trouble sleeping at least 3 nights a week on average, for the past 3 months or longer

For more information, please contact
our research assistant at:
613-737-7700 ext. 75458 or
This study has been approved by The Ottawa Health Science Network Research Ethics Board