Medical crowdfunding research proposal

Canadians are presently using medical crowdfunding campaigns in order to address their medical and related needs pertaining to cancer care. While medical fundraising campaigns are generating increased media attention, little is known about why Canadians with cancer use medical crowdfunding campaigns, what benefits they receive from these campaigns, to what degree their fundraising and other goals are met through these campaigns, and what obstacles or other problems they face when using these websites. Our Planning Grant goals, therefore, are to:

  • Increase our understanding of the demographics, motivations, goals, and outcomes of Canadians using medical crowdfunding sites for cancer care;
  • Establish connections with stakeholders in cancer care in order to better understand concerns with medical crowdfunding for cancer care, barriers faced by Canadians that lead them to use medical crowdfunding websites, and whether policy or other responses are needed to address this phenomenon; and
  • Create a foundation for a sustained program of research on the causes and consequences of medical crowdfunding for cancer care, with a focus on a larger future submission to CIHR in its new Projects Grant scheme.

Jeremy Snyder – Associate Professor
Faculty of Health Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Blusson Hall 10516
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Burnaby BC V5A 1S6 CANADA
tel: 778-782-3258