Increasing opportunities for clinician input and feedback in the CADTH-pCODR process

In November 2015, CADTH received stakeholder feedback on proposed changes to the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) program that would allow for broader clinician participation in the pCODR process.

We would like to thank all stakeholders who responded to the consultation. Feedback was received from three clinicians, three patient advocacy groups, three pharmaceutical companies, and two industry association groups. Having integrated this stakeholder feedback, CADTH is pleased to now launch a pilot initiative to increase opportunities for clinicians who register with pCODR to provide input and feedback on a submission or resubmission.

The initiative will allow for expanded clinician participation in the pCODR process, providing value-added information on local issues and insight into areas of unmet need. This input will be incorporated into the pCODR process in a formal and meaningful way. This pilot initiative will be in effect for new pending pCODR submissions announced in February 2016 and onward.

We strongly encourage clinicians to register with the pCODR program well in advance to ensure eligibility to provide input and feedback on a future submission or resubmission and to receive notification of upcoming submissions. For more information about the registration process, please visit the CADTH website at

CADTH intends to evaluate this pilot initiative after 25 cancer drug submissions with clinician input have been received, or sooner as may be appropriate, and will consult with stakeholders on any significant changes to the pCODR process.

We have created a list of FAQs to offer guidance to clinicians on the eligibility criteria and how to provide high-quality input and feedback on a submission or resubmission. To ensure procedural fairness, the requirements for eligible clinicians are set out in the pCODR Procedures and pCODR Submission Guidelines.

Should you have any questions about our new pilot initiative for clinicians, please contact us at