Surveys, Research Studies & Drug Reviews

Surveys and research studies provide patients, survivors, caregivers and family members with the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences and provide feedback about the cancer care and healthcare system in their communities.

Surveys and research studies take place in hospitals, cancer centres, universities and in the community.

Please take a moment to browse, and return often since information about new surveys and research studies will be posted regularly.

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Please see the list of surveys, research studies & drug reviews below!

University of Toronto Testicular Cancer Survivors Study

Exploring the relationship between physical activity and quality of life in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors

Healthy lifestyles after cancer

Increasing opportunities for clinician input and feedback in the CADTH-pCODR process

Fertility decision-making after a breast cancer diagnosis

Patterns of health behaviours of survivors of multiple cancers

Have you completed your cancer treatment & taken a leave of absence from work?

The journey for survivors of childhood brain tumours

Research study: Are you a female between the ages of 30-60 with a BRCA gene mutation?

High dose Vitamin D supplementation in Stage 4 colorectal cancer patients

Medical crowdfunding research proposal