CCSN Voices Support of Pharmacare Council Interim Report

[OTTAWA, ON March 7th, 2019] – The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN), a national charitable organization of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and community partners, welcomes the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare’s Interim Report. CCSN is pleased to hear the Council’s acknowledgement that the current healthcare system does not provide patients and consumers timely, equitable, affordable and accessible means to medically necessary therapies.

CCSN is fully supportive of the Council’s Core Principles, such as addressing the need for a Pharmacare program to be portable, accessible regardless of ability to pay and residency, and the importance of working together with patients and citizens as key stakeholders. These principles are synonymous with CCSN’s Brief to the Advisory Council.

CCSN is grateful to have been invited to the Advisory Council’s consultation process and welcomes further engagements that the Advisory Council sees necessary in their work to create a Pharmacare program that best addresses the needs of Canadians.